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December 4th, 2009:

Added build 28008 to the mix along with 21877.
Additional packages updated. This is a major update

  • Updated Notification Manager to 1920
  • Updated Message Enchancement to 1920
  • Updated Email Setup Wizard to 1920
  • Updated Album to 3.2 1920 version
  • Updated MediaToolkit to 1920
  • Updated AudioBooster to 1920
  • Updated RandomAccess
  • Updated Social Networks Engine to 1921
  • Updated VoiceRecorder
  • Wakeup on new SMS disabled by default
  • CFC compressed Sense 2.5 for more speed (props to Chainfire!)
  • Fixed email and SMS overlapping bubbles on slider
  • Using's Programatix's "interceptor" app to resize manila (28008 only)
  • Added finger friendly QuickMenu to 28008 builds
  • Fixed AM/PM black box issue
November 27th, 2009:

  • No top curtain mod added
  • Updated to 21877 (GPS issues are fixed now!) and 28005 !
  • Sony Xperia X2 task manager added and skinned to both builds.
  • Checkout the new themes added
November 25th, 2009:

  • Manila 2.5 1921 version
  • Working Animated, Still and Weather wallpaper options
  • Fixed Twitter tab
  • 21876 and 28004 versions
  • QuickMenu added back to 28004 version
  • Opera 10 Beta added (uninstallable)
  • Etc etc etc !
October 28th, 2009:

  • New Manila 2.5 1920 version
  • New HTC Menu Enhancement
  • New Social networks engine (including new Twitter Core)
  • Updated Bing
  • Updated aGPS package
  • Updated Appointment Editor
  • Updated AudioManager Engine
  • Updated Contact Picker package
  • Updated Facebook engine package
  • Updated Footprints Engine
  • Updated Google Location Service
  • Total Commander Updated to the latest version compatible with 6.5.1
  • Added Action Key to Manila 2.5 thanks to Semicuda

October 19th, 2009:

First official release with a 6.5.1 build (23071)

  • "Release quality" 23071 ROM
  • Action/Contacts softkeys not skinned problem outside Manila fixed
  • Send button and graphics missing problem in Email/SMS client fixed
  • Volume control doesnt go off the screen anymore
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons skinned as well now
  • There is a task manager in the ROM. press and and hold the start menu graphic to access it
  • Sizing issues with the phonecanvas addressed
  • 23016 version... unchanged.
October 11th, 2009:

  • Footprints can now be added through the Album
  • Album 3.2 incorporated back in
  • SMS keyboard bug fixed
  • Wifi turn on/off bug fixed
  • New Start Menu layout
  • Removed System folder and rearranged items on start menu
  • Added Leo power settings graphical screen
  • Fixed Lockscreen half size issue
  • aGPS settings are back in
  • Updated Email wizard
  • Cleaned up Bluetooth icons on taskbar
  • Minor graphical glitches fixed
October 7th, 2009:

  • Updated Lockscreen graphics and control app (HTC)
  • Updated aGPS control applet
  • Updated Message Enhancement package
  • Updated Facebook Engine
  • Updated HTC GeoService package
  • 4 different EnergyROM themes to choose from
October 6th, 2009:

  • Album, youtube, videos in album, etc and all multimedia issues fixed
  • Minor tweaks to the initial setup routine (invisible to the user)
  • InCall recording fixed
  • All new drivers (3G "My Location" and Google Maps works fine now)
October 2nd, 2009 (First 'Photon' ROM)

  • Advanced WifI settings now showing mac address fixed
  • My Location now works on 3G as well (make sure to use the latest radio available from latest Tmobile UK ROM ver 49.)
  • Better handling of clock and timezones
  • Fixed issue with picture assignment to favorite contacts in Manila
  • Some new icons throughout start menu
  • Rearranged items in Settings to more "stock" locations
  • Added "Device Lock" to system, to be used as a shortcut for faster locking in the app of your choice (like Manila's homescreen)
  • Fixed issue with having to tap the screen to start manila
  • Phone Identity and "About" display fixed in "Device Info" screen
  • Nice icon at the bottom of the dialer to bring the dialpad up or down
  • New theme by gregorz (the awesome individual that develops the Dusk theme)
  • Did away with the touchscreen calibration screen
  • ALL NEW PACKAGES from the latest UK 6.5 ROM (official "non-test" packages, should increase speed quite a bit)
  • New PhoneCanvas that displays contact pictures
  • Too many damn new things to keep listing them... heh
  • Name changed to "Photon" from now on

September 23rd, 2009:

  • Newer Manila 1919 build (2.5.19192831) (seems faster and smoother)
  • New Email tab (you can actually read a whole email right in Manila's tab) !
  • New Calendar tab (updated graphics and functionality) !
  • New Album (with Facebook and YouTube integration) !
  • Updated aGPS package
  • Updated Appointment Editor
  • Music tab should now support MP4 and 3GP files
  • Default text mode for EZInput is now "ABC" mode
  • Updated icons
  • Streamlined initial setup
  • Updated lockscreen graphics (official HTC)
  • Updated Menu Enhancement package
September 22nd, 2009:

  • Updated GeoService package (easier setup of MyLocation)
  • Updated Google Location service
  • Slightly updated HTC Lockscreen
  • Updated Social Networks engine (with Twitter plugin)
  • Added a bunch of nice new HTC wallpapers to "My Documents\My Wallpapers"
  • Updated HTC GPS tool to
  • Updated Internet Sharing app
  • Fixed Twitter tab in Manila and underlying Twitter system !!
  • New HTC Menu Enhancement.. Seems quicker (grey highlights)
  • Vibration in onscreen keyboard is back.
  • Updated EZInput to 2.1.1919 version from the latest RHodium ROM (grey higlights)
  • AGPS packaged updated
September 21st, 2009:

  • Manila 2.5 Leo based ROM released (Manila version 1919)
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