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Visual IT Digital Camera Guide V1.0

đây là chương trình dành cho các bạn mới đến với thế giới chụp ảnh đễ tìm hiểu và nâng cao thêm kiến thức cũng như kỹ thuật of mình.


Fully portable, interactive guide to using your digital camera.

From understanding how your camera works and how to use it, through to printing and storing your final images.

Categories include techniques and tips for taking better photos – Using light effectively – Depth of Field – Taking photos at night – Composition.

Exposure is explained – with the complex subject of Apertures Shutter Speeds and ISO broken down into simple terms.

Exposure table with suggested settings for different conditions so you can practice with confidence.

Question and answer section on each topic – answering the most frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive information sections, itemised into subcategories so you can access the information you need quickly.

All the categories are accompanied with pictorial examples with tap activated information.

Index of subjects covered:

- Camera Controls.
- How Digital Cameras Work – (Sensors, Resolution etc).
- Storing your photos – (Compression, File formats etc).
- Viewing and Printing your photos – (Aspect Ratio, etc).
- Using Zoom – (Optical vs Digital).
- Focus – (Sharpness, Capturing Motion, etc).
- Understanding Exposure – (Exposure Compensation, Histograms, etc).
- Controlling Exposure – (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure Modes, etc).
- Using Light – (Direction, Intensity, etc).
- Depth of Field – (What it is, How to use it).
- Composition – (Rules, Examples).
- Night Photography – (Using the flash, Redeye, etc).
- Photo Gallery.
- Exposure Table.

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