Dialpad Maker Deluxe V2.0

5 Tháng mười 2007 lúc 00:22
Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and .NET Framework
Overview: NEW! Support Landscape! More Buttons! Replace the background of your Dialpad in PocketPC Phone with your favorite photo.
just put the picture and it will create cab file,later copy the cab in your ppc and run...and your dial pad with your picture is ready to use....
uninstall..simply remove the program from ppc from add/remove program and softreset ...back to normal..easy

moderaters.....attention plz
i am not sure about the upload section but then again if i upload it anywhere else then people with ppc wont be able to get there hands on this amazing software.....
use this 23287-32993 to re

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