Engineering Tools for Palm/PocketPC


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Engineering Tools for Palm/PocketPC

Runs on Windows, Palm OS, Windows CE, and OS-Driven Smart Phones (Coming Soon - support for Mac, OS/2 and Linux Desktops)
Solve complex, multi-step problems quickly, anytime and anywhere!
Instant access to over 400 Simplified Engineering and Mathematical Calculations & data tables
Save, Print and eMail Calculation Results (feature varies with platform)
Enter values in ANY unit of your choice
Features one of the largest Unit Conversion Software databases available!
Allows adding custom properties and units to suit individual requirements
Neatly categorized interface with drop-down menus
Easy-to-Use and no learning curve
Explanation for each calculator, On-line Help and User Manual is provided.

Reduces time and effort
Increases accuracy
Increases productivity & efficiency
Improves service levels
Enables faster business reporting for decision-making
Reduces operational costs
Enables faster flow of data in the organization
Minimizes the need for a Large Reference Library of Textbooks and Handbooks

Check out there home webpage:
go to and get the Engineering Tools Suite Pack...Evaluation Version....pick your device OS.

After installation, begin running each module. Universal XXXXXX Code:ADBU nhất tam lục nhất
(install suite...then use same code to register all modules).
This is some of my favorite software.

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