Funny: Vietnam bans fruity website name

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Vietnam bans fruity website name

Grapefruit - without the right accents - can lead to problems

A website hoping to promote grapefruit in Vietnam has been banned from using the fruit's name because of official fears of a mix-up with a penis.

The Vietnamese for grapefruit, buoi, sounds different from a slang word for penis, but without special accents it looks the same.

Vietnamese regulations say website names cannot include "sensitive" words.

The site, set up to market a grapefruit wholesaler in Ha Tinh province, was told to find another name.

"We have to refuse the website name of because the word for grapefruit, buoi, without a proper tone marking can be misunderstood," Thai Huu Ly, of the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre, told the AFP agency.

The Vietnamese language uses markings indicating one of six pronunciation tones, but these cannot be written in internet addresses.

According to Vietnamese regulations, names of websites must not contain words that "violate the national interest or are not in accordance with social ethics, lifestyle and national culture."


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Buồn cười quá nhỉ, mấy ông BBC diễn giải vấn đề hay thật nhỉ :D

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