Game mới ! Resco Seal Ball




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The ball enters the game with a service so that it flies over the net to the opponents court half. Your opponent has max. 3 bounces to return the ball to your court half. The game is over as soon as the ball touches the ground or the player touches the ball more than 3 times in sequence. The match continues until a score of 21 is reached, the player to reach that score as first wins.

to control your seal player use the predefined keys or move your stylus over the display.

* Highly addictive.
* High quality realistic rendered 3D graphics
* VGA resolution (640*480)
* Realistic sounds and effects
* 2 game modes: arcade / tournament
* 3 computer opponent skill levels in the arcade mode: easy, medium, hard
* 9 different trophies to be won in the tournament mode: you play against different opponents with different skill levels.
* The ambient light changes for different times of the day.
* Possibility to manually set the time of day.
* 4 display modes: right handed landscape (VGA), left handed landscape (VGA) , right handed landscape, left handed landscape,
* Simple and enjoyable stylus and/or buttons control

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