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Seven lbs. lighter than your laptop, the LifeDrive™ mobile manager has all you need to take your life on the road.

4GB hard drive.
Carry all your important files and have them when you need them. With 3.85GB of usable storage, you can store and access years worth of email, thousands of Word docs, 1200 PowerPoint presentations, 300 songs, 1000 photos, 2 hours of video, and more... all with room to spare! And your information is always safe on your LifeDrive mobile manager, even if you're too busy to recharge the battery.

LifeDrive™ smart file management.
You have better things to do with your time than manage files. With new LifeDrive™ technology, you can quickly drag and drop thousands of files from your PC onto your LifeDrive mobile manager with the folder structure intact. Select the files you want to keep in sync, and they'll automatically be updated whenever you sync with your computer. Plus, you can use your LifeDrive mobile manager like you would any other USB drive to easily upload files to any PC or Mac1.

Built-in Wi-Fi® 802.11b and Bluetooth® 1.1 wireless.
Stay connected at any of the over 80,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in popular hotels, cafes and airports2 around the world. Access your POP, IMAP and Exchange email accounts3 with the included VersaMail® email client. Download your latest calendar appointments from the office. Retrieve documents from your main computer with the WiFile™ software4. Use the included Blazer® web browser, optimized for the mobile experience, for surfing. Or, use Bluetooth to connect to compatible devices nearby—sync with a Bluetooth laptop, print wirelessly to a Bluetooth printer or dial a Bluetooth phone5.

Support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.
Rehearse your PowerPoint presentation discreetly in an airport. Make last-minute changes to a Word document. Check the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet and update them on the spot. Download and view an Acrobat file. The LifeDrive mobile manager comes with support for native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and converted PDF files6.

More room for MP3 files, photos and video clips.
Whether you're viewing schematics from business associates, listening to songs, or both, the LifeDrive mobile manager gives you room for virtually everything you might take with you. Plus the software you need is preinstalled. View photos and videos with the palmOne Media application. And enjoy all the songs in your personal music collection with on-board support for MP3 files in full stereo.

Built-in voice recorder.
Capture that big idea anywhere. Tape important lectures. Take notes hands-free. Or, record a slideshow narration to accompany your photos. It's all possible with this integrated, go-anywhere audio functionality.

Camera companion.
Why take your laptop on vacation? Instead, download the images from your camera's SD memory card onto your LifeDrive mobile manager, and free up your card for more photos. Back at your desk, you can easily upload your photos to your personal website or photo-printing service.

Expansion possibilities.
This mobile manager gives you plenty of options. The built-in expansion card slot supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard formats. Carry a portable, wireless keyboard7 that unfolds to full size to conveniently create or edit files on the go. The included Addit software makes it easy to try or buy popular software titles via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

High resolution, colour rich display.
Sit back and enjoy the view with this 65,000-colour, 320x480 Transflective TFT display. Flip to portrait or landscape orientation with the touch of a button, and get a better perspective on work, photos, or anything else. The status bar gives you quick access to key functions on screen, like the current time and search.

Multiple security measures.
128-bit encryption keeps your valuable data secure. Password protection safeguards access to your device, while the Private Records function protects specific files when the rest of your device is unlocked. The optional Intrusion Protection function erases all data and returns the device to factory settings after a user-specified number of failed break-ins.

Sleek exterior, racy interior.
Everything is encased in an elegant, brushed silver finish. On the inside, you'll have fast performance for business and multimedia applications, thanks to the 416MHz Intel XScale™ processor. The 5-way navigator lets you launch applications, select items, and view details all with one hand. The on/off/hold button keeps your MP3 player on without inadvertently launching other applications.

Stay organized with the basics and more.
And last, but not least, you'll have all the essentials of a good personal assistant with our award-winning PIM applications—Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos. Not to mention the ability to sync with Outlook on a PC or with iCal and Address Book on a Mac8.


trong "mua bán" có bác nào đó bán LifeDrive giá 470$ kìa , theo mình đó là giá chấp nhận được , rẻ hơn Palm tới 29$ ( 499$ )


Bác này vi phạm trắn trợn nội quy forum. Đề nghị các mod ra tay, đưa nó về miền bể bơi. Thể hiện tính nghiêm minh của pháp luật :)


Đã vi phạm thì cho vi phạm luôn đi để mod để ý sớm move đi chỗ khác ( Mà cái bể bơi của forum lâu lắm không thấy mở cửa hoạt động để anh em giải trí nhỉ!)
Hôm nay em thấy có bác bán LD 450$ thôi à!

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