HTC Desire- NexTSense v5.2 Official Sense-FroYo 2.2 (720p|2.09|AP2S D+)


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NexTSense v5.2 Sense-FroYo 2.2 Official OTA - ( FRF91 l Fast l 720p | 2.09 | AP2SD+ | MULTILANGUAGE )
if rom seems slow maybe you don't have an ext partition!
after first reboot u have to have 135~ Free MB in Mobile Memory
Rom Spends 5-7min to be Stable

-Latest Radio
-Partition ext2, 3 or 4 wiped (for APP2SD)
For a best running of rom should do a Wipe Factory Reset and wipe at ext partition


  • Based on 2.09 OTA Official Sense FroYo 2.2 (FRF91) -
  • Full ROOT
  • Market Fixed
  • INTERACTIVE Cpu Frequency.
  • Theme modded by me
  • dalvik-cache2sd
  • Kernel Original of FroYo 2.09
  • 720p/h264 Camera
  • APP2SD (require partition ext) thanks to AdamG
  • Working HSDPA Icon
  • Wake up From Trackpad & power
  • Desk Clock
  • CIFS
  • Adobe Flash 10
  • CFQ module
  • Open vpn
  • Supports ext4
  • Very fast, Clean & stable
  • Optimizations RAM and active sysctl.conf
  • Battery Percentage modded by me FLASHEABLE ON post #3 (thanks to judison original icons)
  • Car Panel
  • Nexus One Photogallery
  • List Host block y apn massive
  • Superuser Permissions 2.3.1 by ChainsDD
  • busybox with Droid Explorer support
  • Brut Google Maps
  • Moddded Bootscreen to Nexus
  • Added Launcher2 original FroYo
  • Added, Quickoffice, spare parts
  • Deleted Teeter, Stock, Plurk & others.
  • Disabled booting sound HTC
  • WiFi N
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed.
  • Launcher2
  • ADW Launcher
  • HTC_IME mod
  • Included Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic (not totally), Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish.



-Enter to recovery, do a Wipe Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik, format/wipe partition Ext2, 3 or 4.
-Flash my ROM (If you have already last Radio you only have to install the rom Without Radio, and if not, install With Radio or separately).
-Flash new radio
-Run rom (First time takes some time to run)

  • Wifi N Fixed (should test)
  • Superuser 2.3.1 updated -thanks to ChainsDD
  • Added Home Switcher & ClearDefaultHome).
  • Added ADW Launcher. (TriLauncher, now you can choose Sense-Launcher2-ADW) (You can change to default with ClearDefaultHome, and HomeSwitcher to temporaly)
  • Added CPUfrec interactive & powersave (default interactive, powersave with SetCPU) Thanks to FloHimself
  • Update VoiceSearch, Googlesearch, Facebook.
  • Added Google Maps brute Stockified version, thanks to Squrl
  • Added CIFS.
  • Now Original Sense + Transparent Lockscreen, & NexTSense Default versions.
  • Tweak kernel & virtual memory values
  • Zipalign
  • Enable CFQ Scheduler.
  • Added 13 new Wallpapers
  • Removed FroYo default lockscreen, to enable in recovery:

Download (Thanks to c0urier & eakew for hosting) two can be flashed on earlier versions:
ROM 5.2 Original Theme + Transparent Lockscreen without Radio:
[SPAIN host]NexTSense_5.2_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91_Original_Tran sparent
[SWEDEN host] NexTSense_5.2_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91_Original_Tran sparent
[USA host]
ROM 5.2 NexTSense Theme+Transparent Lockscreen without Radio:
[SPAIN host]NexTSense_5.2_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91_Default_NexTS ense
[SWEDEN host] NexTSense_5.2_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91_Default_NexTS ense
[USA host]

[Mirror] Radio-

Link download hiện % pin và thay đổi Icon GPS, wifi ....

- đã test bản này, xài rất ok, nhanh, mượt, camera chụp ok lắm, quay flim ào ào, 3G, wifi v.v.... đều hoạt động tốt, dùng Room Manager tạo recovery ok, phân vùng ext, wap .... Nói chung là đáng để vọc phá :D

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