HTweakC 2.0 cho Hermes and Wizard


29 Tháng một 2007 lúc 16:06

New Features:

* Windows Mobile 5 Application with WM5 Menus
* Support for HTC Wizard / MDA Vario / XDA mini S
* *Multilanguage Support over editble LNG Files
* Save and Load your Settings
* Write only changed Settings in Registry
* Owerview about Changes in a new "Apply Window"

*You can create and copy new .LNG Files in \Program Files\HTweakC Folder.
This files will find during start and you can select this other/new languages.
New Tweaks:

* Change GRPS Disconnect Button and Timer view
* Enable GPRS Auto-Attach
* Enable DTMF Support
* Disable annoying beeps when changing in-call volume
* Change Bluetooth Name
* Enable Bluetooth Auto Suspend in Standby Mode /
* Disable Menuanimation
* Disbale Windowanimation
* Show moving Charge Bar
* Increase Battery life with activate Powermanagement
Download tại đây :


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