Iconify - Tạo nhanh các shortcut cho contact, email, link web ngay homescreen



Iconify Core Features:

* Create an IconifyDialLink to any Contact of your BlackBerry® AddressBook directly on your HomeScreen.
o Specify a custom image or use the contact picture
o Select a single number, specify a custom number or pick "select each time" (once the contact have multiple numbers assigned)
o Select if you would like to confirm the number dialing
As soon as you change any details (number or picture) of your contact in your BlackBerry® AddressBook Iconify will instantly refresh the link on your HomeScreen. So the IconifyLink is always up2date! (only applies, if you made no "custom" settings for an IconifyLink)
* Create an IconifyMailLink to any Contact of your BlackBerry® AddressBook directly on your HomeScreen.
o Same as for Dial Links you can select between multiple eMail Addresses, SMS-Number, PIN, or specify a custom eMail address for an IconifyMailLink.
* Create an IconifyWebLink to a Webpage you have currently open in your BlackBerry® Browser directly on your HomeScreen.
o Adjust the URL if needed
o Specify an custom name or use the default generated
o Iconify will try to read the favicon.ico file of the Webserver (only JPG & PNG supported - these formats are not very common yet as favorite.ico files - but that hopefully will change in the future). Once a Site offers a favicon.ico file in a supported format Iconify will use that image as custom picture for this IconifyLink.
* Options to configure Iconify to your choice
o Always confirm when on Roaming [ON/OFF]
o Default Confirm for new DialLinks [ON/OFF]
o Default Confirm for new WebLinks [ON/OFF]
o Various settings to configure the custom image browser
o Force TCP/IP for favicon.ico request (WebLinks)

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