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Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets 2.5 iPhone and iPod touch

Plant seeds, care for the plants, watch the flowers bloom, and create bouquets to share with friends and family.
★ "A lot of fun and quite addicting. We've already brightened a few people's day by sending them virtual bouquets." -- MacLife
★ "Flower Garden, you have unlocked the key to my heart.” -- The Portable Gamer
★ "This is my kind of garden--one that I can’t kill.” –- Los Angeles Times, Appiphilia
Enjoy the serenity of nature wherever you are, and never be late sending flowers again! Whether you have green thumbs or just enjoy the tranquil sights and sounds of the garden, Flower Garden gives you a soothing, creative experience to be enjoyed over time and shared with your friends and loved ones.
Plant different types of seeds, water them, and watch them bloom in front of your eyes. Some flowers will bloom right away, while others will take a few minutes of care a day for over a week. Keep a healthy, vibrant garden right on your iPhone or iPod!
Best of all, the flowers you grow in Flower Garden can be shared! Cut your most beautiful flowers to make a bouquet and send it to your loved ones. Flower Garden’s virtual bouquets are delivered with a personalized card and a note letting them know you took the time to grow the flowers just for them, making it all the more special.
- A virtual garden complete with the serene sights and sounds of the outdoors
- Send bouquets through email or Facebook with personalized cards and custom backgrounds for the perfect composition
- Full 3D flowers and bouquets that react to the touch
- Flower Shop, where you can buy more seeds, pots, garden space, and fertilizer.
Join the Flower Garden Facebook page and let us know what you want to see next: Flower Garden | Facebook
What's New In Version 2.5
New features:
• Multitasking support (iOS 4 only)
• iPhone 4 resolution support
• Badges and local notifications when plants need watering (iOS 4 only)
• Time of day in the garden matches the actual time
• Gifting of fertilizer from the Flower Shop
• Random daily events
• Bouquet tag in full color (works with Emoji)
• Items previously acquired through promo codes are free to repurchase
Your 5-star iTunes rating and reviews help a huge amount and keep the free updates coming. Please, re-rate the app after you download the update.


Click Deluxe 2 1.2.1 iPhone and iPod touch

Popular game ClickDeluxe is back again – and you won't believe the fun! New graphics, gameplay and game modes, skins and bonuses. Click Deluxe 2 is a must-have game for your device.
More fun, more play, once you start clicking you won't be able to stop!
This is a cool game for all age groups. Your goal is to remove as many balls as possible by clicking on groups of balls with the same color. Sounds easy? I can tell you that it is harder than you might think... Still, guys and gals with grey cells will solve the puzzle... Wanna try it?
- Submit a high score and instantly find out where you are in the internet score board!
- New mode to play: Classic, Advances, Timed, Madness, Infinity
- Digital sound effects and background music
- New fun skins and background images
- Visual effects and fun animations
- A choose 3 difficulty level
What's new in Version 1.2.1
- problem with difficulty in levels in game is solved
- tested for iOS 4


Everest: Hidden Expedition 1.3 iPhone and iPod touch

What the critics say about Everest: Hidden Expedition:
“This game is highly recommended.”
- Wired.com
“It's a really fun time-killer that tests your patience and your ability to focus on small details.”
- Wireless.ign.com

************************************************* ***********

Hidden Expedition: Everest is the smash-hit hidden object casual game from Big Fish Games. Optimized for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, this seek and find game is unlike any puzzle game (or action, platformer, side-scrolling game for that matter!) you’ve seen on a touch screen.
Join the Hidden Expedition team in an object-finding race up the highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest! You’ll search for objects hidden in breath-taking scenes. The adventure begins at Base Camp, but who knows where the race will lead? Find all the objects faster than the other teams to win the race. Dozens of locations to search and game play that’s perfect for the iPhone / iPod Touch’s touch screen, this is the one race you’ve been waiting for!
We even enlisted the help of Ed Viesturs, the world’s foremost expert on mountain climbing and mountaineering. Trust us, he knows the difference between a clip and a carabiner! He has climbed more mountains, faced more sheer cliffs, and spanned more deep crevasses than most anyone alive. As an added bonus, he was kind enough to let us use some photos taken while on the treacherous path from Nepal to the summit.
************************************************** **********
************************************************** **********
• More than 30 gorgeous scenes and locations to search from
• Optimized for the iPhone with both landscape and portrait modes
• Unlock the hidden photo gallery
************************************************** **********
************************************************** **********
Casual games have been around for many years. Some say it started with the launch of Solitaire on Windows 95. However, in the past 10 years, with the successes of digitally distributed casual games, there have been three major occurrences that changed the industry. The first wave started with Bejeweled and Zuma. As a result nearly every game launched was a match 3 game for several years. A few years later Betty’s Beer Bar launched, followed by Diner Dash. These time management games started a new craze in casual games.
In November of 2005, Big Fish Games developed and released Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, and the market experienced its most recent shift. The success of the Mystery Case Files series inspired Hidden Expedition and many other great hidden-object games. Other games in this series include Hidden Expedition: Titanic and Hidden Expedition: Amazon – available for Mac and PC at www.hiddenexpedition.com/iphone.
************************************************** **********
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• Everest: Hidden Expedition
• Cooking Quest
• Buckingham Palace: Hidden Mysteries
• Virtual Villagers: A New Home
• Titanic: Hidden Expedition
• Rainbow Web II
• Civil War: Hidden Mysteries
What's new in Version 1.3
Ambient audio now plays correctly


iMusic Puzzle 1.3 iPhone and iPod touch

"Surprisingly fun! If you want a new way to interact with your music, iMusic Puzzle is an casual option that is easy to enjoy." - Slide To Play
iMusic Puzzle is a game where you need to use your skills in order to solve audio puzzles that are created with pieces of your favorite iTunes Library songs!

The game currently offers three puzzles:
- Shuffle. A portion of a song is played and then it explodes into multiple audio samples. You'll have to arrange them in the correct order, making the music flow!
- Memory. A deck of audio segments is displayed, you need to listen and find the pairs with the same part of the song!
- Drop. Samples of different songs are falling; you need to quickly drop them in their corresponding song slot!
There are two gameplay modes:
- Arcade, in which iMusic Puzzle will randomly select 28 songs from your iTunes Library
- Quick Play, where you can pick up your favorite songs and play them!
Every time you add a new song to your iTunes Library you'll have a different game to play! Enjoy!
Online leaderboards and achievements are provided by OpenFeint! You can compare your score with your friends and publish your achievements on Twitter and Facebook!
What's new in Version 1.3
This update fixes the quickplay problem that was making the game crash on the iOS4 devices.


Home Sweet Home 1.1.20 iPhone and iPod touch

66% off for the limited time !!
Check out the list of new features!!!
Customize your very own House!
Pinch to ZOOM!
Email photos of your room!
Listen to your own music while you play!
Review your completed room!
Replay levels!
The game that spawned the whole new genre and already reached more than 10 million players is finally available on iPhone!
Need a room designed? You’d better call the Home Sweet Home team!
Home Sweet Home will give you the chance to unleash your hidden talents as an Interior Designer. You choose the furniture, patterns, and colors to create a masterpiece that will blow your client away.
With simple controls, a fun graphical style, and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home!
Here is what critics are saying:
"The seamless combination of time management, puzzle-solving, and strategy creates an endlessly entertaining game that's both easy enough to be manageable but hard enough to present a challenge." - 5/5 Stars App-Reciation Reviews
"...a beautiful game that challenges our designing and strategy skills." - iPhone Footprint
“The sort of title that you just know is destined for great things, and makes you proud to be a casual gamer.” – Gamezebo.com
“Home Sweet Home is an original game to make your life, crazier, funnier, and brighter. The game features an attractive idea and combines different game styles.” – GameMile.com
“An original, eye-catching blend of puzzle-solving and real-time strategy mechanics based on an innovative concept” 4.5 stars gamezebo.com
Winner of Shockwave’s Best Downloadable Game 2008.
What's new in Version 1.1.20
- General maintenance


Milk the Cow 1.2 iPhone and iPod touch

Milk the Cow
by SavySoda™
In Milk the cow, you have one task... Milk the cow to death!
This is the simplest, most ridiculously funny game of 2009. Great for stress relief and surprisingly addictive!
Simply squeeze the cow's breasts and see how many buckets of milk you can get in 30 seconds. Complete with high score!
What's new in Version 1.2
- Added OpenFeint Support
- Improved Speed
- Shares High Scores
- 8 Achievements Added


Chopper 2 1.1 iPhone and iPod touch

Chopper 2 is the sequel to the best selling App Store side scroller, Chopper. Launch SALE! Chopper 2 is on sale at 40% off for a limited time!
Chopper 2 features 36 action packed missions over 12 unique and beautiful locations. It features a completely re-written 3D game engine, all new enemies, weapons, graphics, and missions, while still retaining the classic side scrolling game-play.
Escort a convoy of vehicles across the desert, or defend a train from enemies emerging from underground mines. Use your laser sight to line up enemies emerging from stairwells in the city. Chase down lines of enemy tanks and choppers while avoiding heat seeking missiles, gunfire and bird strike. Help your allies defend against advancing armies, and rescue stranded civilians, all while trying to complete your mission as fast as possible for the highest score.
Chopper 2 features OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements. It is universal for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, with HD graphics on both the iPad and iPhone 4. It uses the gyroscope where it can for increased control, OpenAL for spatial sound effects and even features an original 17 minute long soundtrack.
If you have both an iPad or iPhone 4 and an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use the fantastic remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad/iPhone 4 with an iPhone/iPod Touch over bluetooth or wifi. Then plug the iPad/iPhone 4 into a TV or display through the component cable or VGA adapter and play Chopper 2 on your TV from your couch!
Note: TV output is only supported from an iPad or iPhone 4, and only when using the bluetooth/wifi remote control feature.
"Chopper 2's iPhone-as-controller is one of the first of its kind. How's it look? Um... awesome." - Gizmodo.com
"Chopper 2 is a quality production that I can recommend to any gamer with an iPhone platform device. It's miles beyond the original and stands as a perfect example of all that iPhone gaming can be." - touchArcade.com
"the 3D world looks terrific, the music is excellent, and the titles on screen are in a kind of 3D as well, so that they seem to actually float in the game's real-world space. All in all, it's a very cool game and some excellent work by Frampton's Majic Jungle Software." - TUAW.com
What's new in Version 1.1
Please Note - When using an iPhone to remotely control an iPad or iPhone 4, you must have the same version of Chopper 2 on both devices.
Key new features:
- Now supports TV Out from the iPhone 4, as well as the ability to control the iPhone 4 from another iPhone or iPod Touch remotely.
- Now also supports wifi based remote control which means 1st generation devices can now control Chopper 2 on an iPad or iPhone 4 remotely.
- Adds new tilt sensitivity, manual calibration and control positioning options.
- Now offers the option to sync progress and high scores between multiple devices using OpenFeint.
- Remote control now supports touch (virtual analog stick) control option as well as other new control options.
Other features/enhancements:
- Simplified, faster remote control setup procedure.
- Improved touch (virtual analog stick) control and sensitivity.
- The TV Out experience has been improved, and is now more reliable.
- Remote control options are now configurable on the remote device, and saved per remote.
Bug fixes/changes:
- Fixed bug with y axis invert not working when remote controlled.
- Fixed issue with the analog stick getting stuck when paused.
- Fixed issue where the OpenFeint dashboard close button could be hidden by the status bar.
- Increased area around analog stick where touch is interpreted as movement rather than gunfire.
- Infantry cause less Chopper damage if they are hit by the blade while in mid air.
- Decreased the difficulty of the 'Escort' level.


Demolition Master 2.0 iPhone and iPod touch

“Demolition Master” is a sequel of popular game which is one of the best in its genre.
This time you will be searching for legendary island Atlantis!
This is not an easy task as you will have to pass a lot of countries before this.
We have changed the gameplay a little in order to make the game even more dynamic and interesting.
Impressive explosions with vibro effect, cognitive cosmopolises with charming music, adrenaline and itch for the victory – these are the feelings which will be caused with the game “Demolition Master”
Game features:
- realistic graphic of explosions and destruction
- more than 100 exciting levels
- levels in countries around the world: USA, China, Russia, Peru etc.
- zoom in and zoom out in every level
- listen to music from your iPod library during the game
- dynamic music
- vibration effects
What's new in Version 2.0


iDestroy: Extinction HD 1.3 iPad

The FAAD GOLD App by FreeAppADay.com introduces iDestroy Extinction HD as Today's Featured Free App!
Kill and torture bugs with many different weapons: Shotguns, Lasers, High Explosive Grenades, Proximity Mines, Buzzsaws, Freeze Rays, ... it's all yours to play with!
"Be A One Man Army With this app! After a long day I can lay down and blast bugs at the touch of a button. SO entertaining!"
- Customer Review
"... worth checking out and showing your friends!"
- Appcalendar.com
"...if you've had a hard day ... give this game a whirl! ... your stress and anger will disappear and your happinness reappear."
- Customer Review
Expect to see regular updates every 2 weeks, just tell us what you want to have in the game and we put it in!
iDestroy: Extinction HD gives you lots of weapons, creatures and building blocks to build your own world of destruction! Ever wanted to build a minefield with laser fences and machine guns to kill some bugs? Now you can!
* up to 1,000 creatures on screen at once!
* HUGE amounts of blood and gore when you kill them
* throw some grenades at the invading insects and watch the fireworks go off!
* lock them in with deadly laser fences
* lure them into your meticulously placed anti-insect mines!
* block their path and smash them with bricks
* blow them up with air until they pop!
* lay out baits and then blow them up until they explode
* attract them with the magnet and make them walk into spinning sawblades!
* freeze, burn, shoot and poison them! Make them explode, shoot them and cut them into pieces!
* Unlimited amounts of blood!
* features realistic explosions
* damage you do never disappears, it all stays on screen
* highly optimized graphics engine for smooth and extra-gory gameplay
* load your own photos and destroy them too!
*** Just some fun ideas to get you started ***
- Build a laser fence around some worms, put spiders in another laser fence, unlock the fence between them and let them battle it out!
- Build a minefield, put a bait inside and watch the gullible bugs get blown to bits and pieces!
- Build a laser fence arena around some worms, put spiders in another laser fence, unlock the fence between them and let them battle it out!
- Place lots of baits on top of each other so they will be eating for a while, then, when they are all around the bread, use the air gun to blow them up in a serial explosion chain
*** Weapons ***
- Shotgun: Waste everything you see in a spray of hot lead!
- Magnet: Pull creatures to where you want them to go - e.g. on the minefield you laid out perfectly just seconds ago!
- Bait: Place a bait to attract creatures and then shoot them when they least expect it!
- Grenade: Very powerful explosive! Place lots of them in a row!
- Laser Grenade: Shoots laser beams out in a fan!
- Paintball Gun: Humiliate your friends by smearing their photos with coloured paint balls!
- Anti-Insect-Mine: Lay a deadly minefield and watch the bugs be blown to bits when they step into it!
- Airgun: Blow the bugs up until they pop!
- Poison Spraying Can
- Lighter: Let the bugs burn a little before they die!
- Ice Blaster: Freeze, then smash them with a hammer or thaw them again with the Flamethrower!
- Flamethrower
- Buzzsaw: Move around and cut through the crowd!
- Double Buzzsaw: Tilt your device to move the insects right into the double buzzsaw blades at the bottom!
- Nuclear Bomb: Incinerates everything in split seconds!
- Machinegun: Just move your finger around to clean up!
*** 6 different Creatures ***
We would like to thank all the fans of iDestroy! Your good reviews and ratings motivate and help us to improve iDestroy further!
What's new in Version 1.3
Another big fat *thank you* to all iDestroy Fans!
A lot of ideas came from your reviews, so keep on writing
New in this update:
- new Creature: The Wasp!
- new Weapon: Dynamite (TNT)!
- new Weapon: Air Strike!
- Paintball Gun now kills, as many of you have requested!
- poisoned Creatures burst into pieces after a short while!
- Many optimizations to make iDestroy run smoother than ever!
- Lots of Bugs were fixed
In the next Update you can expect new goodies!
If you like iDestroy, please help us make it even better by writing a review on iTunes.

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