Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services : SMS, EMS and MMS Ebooks

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Building on the success of the first edition, Mobile Messaging
Technologies and Services offers extensive new and revised material
based upon the latest research and industry developments. While
early implementations targeted person-to-person messaging, MMS has
now evolved to facilitate such requirements as the mass delivery of
time-sensitive messages for content-to-person messaging. This
Second Edition exploits the technical maturity of MMS as it is
poised to generate a wealth of new business opportunities across
the mobile communications sector. The author provides the
fundamental technical background required for SMS, EMS and MMS, and
supports this with industry cutting-edge developments.
* Contains a revised section on the fundamentals of MMS,
including an updated section on GPRS to explain current commercial
implementations such as GRX applications.
* Presents the latest developments in MMS standardization,
including the design of synchronized multimedia integration
language (SMIL) presentations, Digital Rights Management (DRM),
transcoding techniques, postcard service and support of advanced
multimedia formats.
* Describes the processes for standardizing telecommunications
services and technologies (3GPP, OMA, GSM Association, IETF and
* Provides updated sections on SMS, EMS and heavily revised
coverage of the developments in MMS, including MMS interworking and
the forthcoming MMS version 1.3.
This resource will be invaluable for application developers,
manufacturers, operators and content providers involved in the
design and deployment of messaging services. It will also be of
interest to practitioners involved in the process of standardizing
telecommunications services and technologies. Postgraduate students
and researchers will benefit from having access to state-of-the-art
findings backed by numerous illustrative real-world examples.
Includes a companion website featuring information on relevant
standards, available phones and developers' resources.


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