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:) "Xin loi,khong viet duoc gi ca,vi ko the nao danh duoc Tieng Viet co dau,thu ca F9 ca F12 ma ko sao duoc"

Wi-Fi Security

Link: Wi-Fi Security


H-A-C-King Secrets Revealed

Enlighten yourself of the dangers you encounter every day while using your computer! H-A-C-King Secrets Revealed teaches you exactly how XXXXers operate. This powerful insight is the only effective way to prevent yourself from being attacked!

H-A-C-King Secrets Revealed is the only 100% comprehensive computer-security reference in the world! Every computer user in the world needs to possess this information in order to truly feel safe online.

Link: email or PM to me.


201 Best Questions To Ask On Your Interview

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Link: 201 Best Question to Ask On Your Interview

Ask the right questions and land the job of your dreams!

To really shine in your job interview and to get that dream job, the questions you ask must be at least as memorable as the answers you give. Today it's the questions you ask that set you apart from the dozens­­even hundreds­­of qualified candidates competing for your job. Make your questions demonstrate that you are a superstar, a world-class candidate who will add significant value to the job from Day One. 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview arms you with the questions and techniques you need to nail this most crucial part of the interview process.

Packed with 201 proven questions, including examples of some of the smartest and dumbest interview questions from hundreds of recruiters, job coaches, hiring managers, and Fortune 500 human resources professionals, this hands-on guide gives you the edge you need.

Improve your odds. March into your next interview fortified with questions such as:

* What exactly does this company value the most and how do you think my work for you will further these values?
* What kinds of processes are in place to help me work collaboratively?
* What's the most important thing I can do to help within the first 90 days of my employment?
* In what areas could your team use a little polishing?
* When top performers leave the company, why do they leave and where do they usually go?
* What do you see in me? What are my strongest assets and possible weaknesses?
* I am very interested in this job, and I know your endorsement is key to my receiving an offer. May I have your endorsement?

Ask and you shall receive. In today's hyper-competitive job market, asking smart questions sets you apart from the competition. Turn to 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview for get-noticed, get-hired tips and techniques that will help you ace your next interview.



Pocket PC Network Programming

Pocket PC Network Programming is the resource developers need to exploit the power of mobile technology and high-speed wireless connections. This book is a comprehensive tutorial and reference for writing network applications on Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition devices. It explains how the Pocket PC communicates with the Internet, with other mobile devices, and with networks. It teaches developers the basics of Pocket PC telephony, synchronization, and messaging.

Pocket PC Network Programming begins with a guide to writing applications that communicate over the Internet and then explores how to use Pocket PC devices with Windows-based networks, how these devices communicate over khóa (chú ý tiếng Anh nhạy cảm, Admin) and infrared, and how they utilize Remote Access Services (RAS). The focus then shifts to the Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition before turning to the building of applications designed for synchronization with a desktop computer. The final chapters cover the Pocket Outlook Object Model, the Mail API, and the .NET Compact Framework.




Một quyển sách rất bổ ích. Chúc anh em tìm thấy được những điều mình cần nhé! :rolleyes:

The BIOS Companion

Configuring a PC for maximum performance is a tricky process, especially if you are unsure as to the function of the BIOS Setup Options. The BIOS Companion defines hundreds of Standard CMOS Setup settings, Advanced Chipset Setup settings, and PCI Bus setup settings, and also tells you how to configure each one for best performance.

In case you are wondering exactly which BIOS Setup Settings are defined in the book, you can take a look at a list of the Advanced Setup settings that are covered. Additionally, the list below highlights the many other features of The BIOS Companion.

Advanced Chipset Setup - Information on tons of settings that are scarcely covered anywhere else.
BIOS ID Strings
BIOS Utility Information (low level format, etc.)
Power Management
Plug and Play/PCI
Error Beeps/Messages/Codes
Known BIOS Problems
POST Codes
Fixed Disk (Hard Drive) Parameter Tables
Company Contact Information for a Variety of BIOS Related Companies

For tools and Info BIOS :


Maximum Wireless Security

Maximum Wireless Security

Maximum Wireless Security is a handbook that reveals the techniques and tools XXXXXers use to break into wireless networks, and that details the steps network administrators need to take to secure their systems. The authors provide information to satisfy the expert's hunger for information with source code, case studies, and configuration recipes. The book includes detailed information that is currently unavailable in any printed text - information that has been gleaned from the authors' work with real wireless XXXXers ("war drivers"), wireless security developers, and leading security experts..


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