[New Build - v1] Uni WM6 Pro - 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0)


10 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 08:54
Một bản ROM sạch sẽ nhất nên chạy rất nhanh, thích hợp cho các bạn thích vọc soft

This is a complete new build for your Universal.

I tried to make it most updated and as much improved and also tried to keep it vanilla, a clean rom.

The most features and usefulness of this ROM:

--Removed Windows Live/Live search
--Removed SQM
--Removed Voice Command
--Removed VoIP (buggy)
--Removed OneNote
--Removed Transcriber
--Removed Auto Update/Approve Update
--Fixed XIP, No Flash Disk and should work on G3/G4 both devices (but couldn't test on G4)
--Fixed Camera
--Fixed Email account problem after the camera use
--Fixed Picture viewer problem
--Disabled Security (certificate) warning
--Disabled "Messaging" from today (report that, it's a blocking for storing message/attachments at secondary storage)
--Disabled incoming beams (to save battery)
--Disabled all annoying "ding", notification type set to "Visible"
--Voice notification (interesting!)
--Faster Phone response
--SMS delivery fix (by Saman)
--SDHC support (by mamaich)
--Added psShutXP, WM5torage, OxiosHibernate and Performance/overclocking applet
--Added HTC TaskManager 1.51 (2.0 is still buggy)
--Added Google, Gmail and XDA-Developers - Universal forum to the default favorite list
--Set default search to Google (desktop) search
--PIE cache (temp, cockies & history) relocated to the root (\IE Cache) for easy cleaning
--PIE cache limit set to unlimited
--Improved - device wakeup from sleep before alarms
--Registry-type set to file-based; it will help not to forget the settings made by the user
--Set default dev-id and BT name to "Universal"
--Autorun (Auto Install) support from main rom and can be re-run later with custom config. Auto Install applet can be located under - Start>Settings>Personal
--Few other bug fix / tweaks
--Unlock/Unhiding tool for extROM
--A new boot splash

Download Location:


Special thanx to:

Bepe, Mamaich, TehPenguine and few other friends for their support in different areas.




15 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 01:09
tỉ lệ treo là 99 % :D,máy chạy rất lởm :D mặc dù đã tắt cái overclock kia đi,đã thế nhiều khi đọc thẻ nhớ còn không xong nữa :(,em khuyên các bác 1 câu chân tình là hãy up Rom này đi rồi tìm rom khác để up vào :D

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