New ROM-KDSkamal's Universal WM6 beautiful Edition


1 Tháng bảy 2007 lúc 21:02
Mình thấy giới thiệu bản này nhưng không dow được , giới thiệu các bạn

Contents: OS only
Memory after hard-reset..

based on: midget ROM

main memory:35.9MB
program memory:>27MB

Really, I always wanted to get productive instead of flashing my halley berry(my black universal) after every 1h or so. I was spending more time flashing and setting it up.

This ROM is actually for those people who want all the important utilities as a part of OS itself.

Some highlights of this ROM..
*no crap in "my documents": this includes all the useless pics, nonsense sounds
Actually, before this ROM, whatever ROM I used to use, this was the first thing I used to do that is, delete all this crap. yay, this means no "dog bark" sound !!

*It should be clean and usable for business purposes: Clearly, we have invested so much(put more stress on "so much!") on our device. That is why, no crap

*Vista skin for WMP mobile:thanks to Xcillion. This really makes me say, WOW! Infact, this is now the default skin of the ROM. see the second screenshot

*TCPMP: yeah! It is a part of ROM now. So, you save ~1.5MB(yay!)

*no bubble-breaker

*Adobe reader pre-hacked to VGA mode.
See the difference in the first screenshot given below

*Playlist editor inbuilt to the ROM:find it in the "utilities" folder. Now, you can make/edit playlists on the go
*USB HDD:find it in the "utilities" folder
*Pocket RAR:
*no "one note mobile":see the third screenshot. This is no more(anyone used it anyway?)

*soft keys mapped to contacts and adobe reader. The left soft-key says "my contacts" and the right soft-key says "my PDFs". Sounds windows..isn't?

*some really nice and beautiful themes are built into the ROM. I m sure, everybody would like them. See the 4th, 5th and 6th screenshots.

*on the other hand, the ugly looking themes which used to be built into the ROM are gone now. Yeah no guavas and no green theme

*the default ringtone just got changed! The ringtone is soothing now. I extracted it when I had a chance to beta-test the "atom exec"(~1y ago from now). Its lovely. I m sure, all of you will like it. And don't worry, the default WM6 is still there. Just by some other name

*no htc plugin

*no pim backup:accept it! all of us have better backup tools(somebody said, spb backup?)

Just a little request after hard-reset: you gotta manually go to the file explorer>>windows>>start menu>>programs and delete the backup folder from there.

I m somehow unable to delete it

If someone can mirror it, it would be benificial for the community


Laurentius:thanks my friend
Midget:cool guy, isn't he?
Helmi:god number 2?
and if your name ain't here, your name doesn't deserve to be here



dialer pink button fix
2 Tháng bảy 2007 lúc 18:36
Bác nào đã up thử bản rom này chưa? Kết quả thế nào????:)


29 Tháng bảy 2007 lúc 18:20
Họ vừ ra bản KDSkamal WM5 Ultimate edition, tôi úp và thử được một ngày rồi, ấn tượng lắm. Riêng phone thì ok, chưa bị treo phát nào cả. Nói chung là khả năng ổn định cao.
KDSkamal WM5 Ultimate edition

KDSkamal WM5 Ultimate edition

Contents of the package: OS only

Storage Memory:>35.7MB

Some highlights of the ROM..

1) Internet Explorer mobile supports high resolution mode

2) Windows Live Messenger: Please set up the date to the current date. Otherwise, this won't connect and will give you error

3) Clean ROM: No stupid pics, sounds, video(no Dogbarks or alike)

4) Adobe Reader LE: Yes, since universal is a business device, this is a must-have. Works great on our VGA screens

5) Many no-nonsense, useful apps are already built in. They are..
a)UI Tweaker:full package
c)En Alarm:an mp3/wma alarm clock
e)Pocket RAR
f)Playlist Editor:create/edit playlist on the device itself
g)PIM Backup(v2.5)(latest ATM)
h)Group SMS(by Shaileshashar)

6) Elegant default theme+vista(like) Windows Media player skin

7) No bubble breaker game, but, 'classic' Solitaire is still there

8) New sounds and notifications

Note: adobe reader LE is in the Office folder

Thanks to..
HELMI: he is my God here. Thanks for your great knowledge!
Midget: my PPC buddy(you wanted a 'kick-a$$' WM5 rom?)
PreethaLK: thanks for testing
Indra: my nice buddy from Indonesia
Beast0898 + Maimach: these guys brought my device back to life when it was on its way to the Graveyard
Shaileshashar: Thanks to this guy for giving me the permission to his app. Also, BIG thanks to him for providing me the Windows.Form.Outlook DLL(without this, this app would not have worked). Please visit his website here for more goodies
Xcillion: Thanks for giving the permission buddy to use his wmp skin

Link tải:


Không biết uống rượu ^_^
7 Tháng tám 2007 lúc 12:16
Bản này uprom vẫn bình thường như mọi bản rom khác hả các bác?Em sợ nó chết radio lắm :D.CÒn bác nào đã up rồi cho xin chút ý kiến về ưu điểm và những trục trặc đã gặp phải cho em tham khảo xíu.Thanks!

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