nhắc cuốc gọi nhở cho iphone

4 Tháng hai 2008 lúc 07:47
ai co chương trình nhắc nhở cuộc gợi nhở hoac unead message ko em tìm thấy chưong trình SMSNotify thấy người ta nói se rung 15s 1 lần nếu ko đọc tin nhắn mà ko biết cài sao hết mấy bác giúp đở em ạh
sao đây là nguyên văn của bài viết ạh:
I hate it when someone SMSes me, and I miss the vibration, and I go for hours without checking my phone. Thus I created SMSNotify, a script that vibrates your iPhone every 15 seconds when you have an unread SMS.

The script is quite simple - it just queries the SMS database for unread SMSes, and if there are any, it calls the 'vibrator' utility that vibrates the phone for a short time.

It's written in shell script so if you want it to do other things it's easy to modify.

Now it's not perfect - when your phone is asleep it won't be every 15 seconds but will wait until the phone silently wakes up (to check your e-mail generally) before it can vibrate again. I'm working on that.

Download it at http://devices.natetrue.com/iphone/smsnotify.zip or just wait for it to appear in Installer.app - my good friend Shaun Erickson is packaging it up. Note that if you manually install it you need to start it by running "launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/net.ations.cre.smsnotify.plist" but if you use Installer that will be done automatically.

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