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4 Tháng mười 2007 lúc 11:07

it worked fine, added files, deleting files.. and then moments later it gives the the msg

"Remove the write-protection or use another disk"
i looked all over the stick to see if there was a switch but i cant find it..
i tried to format but it does not allow me to as it is under write protect.
the reason for it to happen is , i think is cause i pulled it out with out doing the safety removal method but yeah.

As I stated before, I have had the same prob and able to remove the write protected message by just unlocking the hold button. If this doesn't work there is formating software for each USB on the web. One can google and download it for free inorder to formate the USB

USP Ennyah, 128 Mb, Giúp em nha
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