Những câu ninh bơ phụ nữ IT!!! Nhớ là IT !!

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anh em thường nịnh vợ để vợ cho online thâu đêm..... Ít ra cũng có vài SMS cho vợ IT :
Some things to say to that special someone, Enjoy

1. You are the kernel of my linux.
2. You are the html of my heart.com.
3. You are 1024kb for my megabyte.
4. Your eyes shine more than my tower of cd's.
5. yourheart.com is on my main page.
6. When I see you my CPU cycle speeds up.

1. You are the link of my objects.
2. Your desires are signals to me.
3. No graph can't render 100 % to your perfect figure.
4. In bed you are pure overclocking.
5. Without you my life would be like a web without CSS.
6. You are the loader of my iPod.
7. You are the socket of my CPU.
8. Your RAM gives life to my windows.
9. You are the compiler of my code.
10. You are the .gif that animates my life .
11. You are always in C:/My/heart.
12. I think of you more than the pages index-linked for google.
13. You are like the firefox that saved me from that hell explorer.
14. You are the enter of my life.
15. If you leave me Ill do Alt-F4 to my life.
16.You are the service of Impression to my sleep.
17. You are the key of my e-mail.
18. Your mouth is the Drive for my kisses.
19. We are together in the Hash Table.
20. You have all the privileges to my system.
21. I need FPS to see you.
22. Without you I am an unformatted disk.
23. You are the antivirus for my sorrow.
24. I looked for “ Love “ in google and your name appeared.
25. I want to insert my USB into one of your ports
26.You are the virus of my cpu
27.You are the firewall of my dreams
28.I like photoshop and that's why you are paint
29.you are 0.1kb in my terabytes
30.you are My 15 inch monitor
31.you are the defacing of my forum
32.To me you are a diskette in the 30 sign
33.You are my mouse without optician or bluetooth
34.you are my windows vista in a 256mb of RAM


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