O2 đặt tên cho HTC UNIVERSAL.


Theo thông tin từ chú này thì O2 sẽ đổi tên HTC Universal thành O2 XDA EXEC, chẳng hiểu ý nghĩa lắm, đọc đau cả mồm :(

Nguyên bản tiếng anh cho ai lười click đây:
As a fair number of our readers are aware we have a very close relationship with O2 and as such I have been aware of their plans to release the HTC Universal - the next step up from the current Xda series of machines.

Due a partial data leak on another forum I've now been given permission to confirm some data on the machine.

The 'Universal' will be marketed by O2 under the title of the Xda Exec and has been specially customised for use on the O2 network with a new incarnation of O2 Active, new graphics, blue LEDs and an O2 branded casing.

So if you have any questions about the device I can now start to publish information about it.

[TG: Sorry guys O2 have asked me to pull the image for the time being until cleared by their press department]

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