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Download leaked OS For the 8900 or download here

[FIX] SMS Not Sending On OS

Figured out how to fix the SMS Not Sending Problem

Note: Not everyone may have this problem and probably only t-mobile customers are having it I dont know.

Ok so here are the steps that I performed in order to fix the SMS Not sending problem. (I ran multiple tests and this was the only way i fixed it)


Goto: Settings/Options/Advanced Options/ Host Routing Table and select to register

Turn off Network Connections after it registered

Now Hold alt and type l g l g ( Hold Alt + Tap L,G,L,G )

Now select menu and clear the logs

Final Step Do a Quick Pull (Let it Last atleast 30 Seconds to clear some flash memory)

After Re-boot:

Let the Device connect to the network leave it for about 30 seconds aswell then go ahead and start texting again.

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