Phần mềm edit audio trực tiếp trên PPC Ringtone Editor v1.1


Bạn có thể cut 1 đoạn file mp3 làm nhạc chuông rồi gửi qua bluetooth cho bạn bè! edit audio trực tiếp trên PPC, Ringtone Editor v1.1 (ai có phần mềm tương tự thì giới thiệu nhé
Ringtone Editor v1.1 (bản mới nhất


VITO Ringtone Editor is the quickest way to create your own ringtones. All you need to do is listen to the melody and choose the part of it you want to assign as a ringtone. User-friendly intuitive interface simplifies the process greatly. After you have started VITO Ringtone Editor, browse the folders to find the necessary music file in MP3, WAV or OGG format and start playing it.
While the melody is playing you mark the beginning and the end of a ringtone: just a matter of two presses. The ringtone is created! Now you can immediately assign it as a default ringtone or just save it. You can also replay the ringtone and if it doesn't meet your expectations you can play the original file once again to select a different part. Create your own collection of ringtones with ease!

Main Features:

just 2 button presses to create a ringtone
immediate ringtone assignment
Wav, mp3, Ogg music formats
stylish interface
fast forward and rewind with joystick while creating long ringtones
pause before playing to capture song from its very beginning
many ringtones from the same file, no overwriting
optimized sound quality

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