Resco Pocket Radio 1.71 [phần mềm nghe Radio]


13 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 12:50
Với Resco Pocket Radio chắc chắn đa số anh em đều biết một phần mềm về Radio rất hay và bản chính thức 1.71 đã được Resco tung ra ngày 16/8/2007. Chi tiết anh em xem tại đây nhé.

Một số hình ảnh:

Product history

Ver 1.70
  • Basic authentication
  • Proxy support
Ver 1.61
  • preset change problem fixed
  • live database update
  • the most popular internet radio stations included
  • two groups of presets for high and for low bandwidth
  • connection problems fixed
Ver 1.52
  • registration supports chinese and japanese names
  • minor problem with shoutcast server fixed
Ver 1.51
  • connection problems fixed
  • Ogg Vorbis bug fixed
  • other minor bugs removed
  • recorded file is named by last played song
  • AAC decoder as a standalone plugin
Ver 1.50
  • great new skin
  • support of AAC and AACplus formats
  • new AAC and AACplus radio stations added
  • server redirects supported
Ver 1.31
  • fixed problem with uncorrect registration handling
Ver 1.30
  • brand new skin
  • better GPRS connection handling
  • program disconnects from GRPS on exit
  • variable buffer length (in seconds)
  • buffering is started everytime the buffer goes empty
  • two connection speeds for better performance
  • Resco Update technology for getting newest versions and skins
  • volume changes a little bit slower than before
  • added two more controls - volume level and display off button
Ver 1.20
  • automatic connection to internet (GPRS)
  • sleep function
  • display off added to the list of actions assignable to HW buttons
  • added two special categories "My Favorites" and "My Radios"
  • smooth sound volume changing
  • changes in database are saved immediately
  • menu designed for Magneto OS (Windows Mobile 5.0)
  • user is asked for file name after recording (optionally)
  • even faster program reactions and start up
  • a lot of minor bug fixes and changes
Ver 1.10
  • fixed problem with memory consumption
  • skin for devices with 240x240 screen
  • added record button
  • display off with advanced protection
  • faster program start
  • hardware buttons support

PS. Đồ chơi luôn luôn có, PM nhé :D

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