[ROM] Enomther's TheOfficial Nexus1 - [ManupThemeOptio n] - v2.11.1 - 8/5/2010


Mập dễ thương
- Đã test và chạy rất ổn định, có luôn phần dành để OC cpu, hiện thị pin theo dạng số và nhiều cải tiến mới :)

Release Name:

Enomther's [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1

Release Version:

JF, Cyanogen, Stericson, Haykuro, JAC, ccyrowski, TheDudeOfLife, Soulife, KB7SQI, CodeAurora, Zinx, wired/wifi tether group - (harry_m/bbunson/seth), Chainsdd, pershoot, kmobs, Amon_RA, irrenhaus, rogro82, Loccy, cytown, rgv151, Wysie, xenio2000, LucidREM, miketaylor00, Meltus, Moonspoon, Tehseano, Manup456, beagz, sir*mez, Prash, mannyb, RichieDaze, JonnyBeuno, nabzilla1990, all the other theme, app & ROM devs), AndroidSpin (for hosting space and a great ROM DB), .... AND ...... most of all to XDA-developers and the XDA community ... THANK YOU!!!

Base Firmware:

Radio Required:
Please Use RADIO UPDATE - (from Froyo OTA's) - see downloads section.

SPL/Recovery Required:
The SPL that came with your Nexus1 (Unlocked/Rooted)
Amon_RA's Recovery Image

SDCARD Partition Layout:

Wipe Required:
If coming from ANY other ROM, YES!

Special instructions:
See POST #2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- TheOfficial kernel
--- Stable
--- compiled w/gcc-4.4.0
--- compcache/linuxswap
--- NetFilter - iptables/tethering support (wired/usb & wireless)
--- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, aufs2
--- squash, misc-other-fs support
--- ipv6 support
--- tun and ipsec support

- De-ODEX'd apk/framework (for theme-ing and other alterations)

- automatic ext2/3/4 filesystem checking and mounting on startup
--- Apps2SD supported, but not on by default ... use SpareParts app to set it up.

- optional dalvik-cache to /cache - use SpareParts

- custom userinit.sh startup execution (if /data/local/userinit.sh exists)

- 360 degree rotation (optional)

- FLAC audio support

- clean reboot/shutdown services

- updated apn-list

- dns/resolv.conf

- included binaries
--- linked up busybox
--- telnetd
--- nano
--- dropbear
--- flash_image
--- extXfs tools
--- iptables
--- htop
--- powertop
--- bash
--- various others

- included apps
--- GoogleApps
--- Modded SpareParts (use this to setup most features on TheOfficial)
--- Modded Launcher2 (with options)
--- CyTown's Phone MOD (optional)
--- Wysie's Browser MOD (FullScreen/Hidezoom Button options)
--- Wysie's WyContacts (optional)
--- International character AOSP Keyboard (optional)
--- Development App from AOSP
--- su/Superuser
--- Optional HTC Apps

- included scripts
--- lucid
--- rwsystem/rosystem (to mount readonly/readwrite /system)
--- recboot (to reboot into recovery quickly)


- Stock (Not PreThemed) [ROM]

MD5: 4532e681967679bc2b8255151a2eddb6

- PreThemed with Manup456's FroyoTheme [ROM]
TheOfficial_Nexus1_v2.11.1_ManupsNexTheme__update. zip

MD5: c4f032ee2904f01083be2e00b559ae44

Theme Templates - (v2.11.1)

These are for Theme Developers only!!! Do not flash!

Stock w/Black StatusBar Text

PreThemed w/White StatusBar Text

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