Soạn nhạc với Bhajis Loops 1.71

3 Tháng năm 2007 lúc 13:42
Với đầy đủ các tính năng của một phần mềm soạn nhạc cơ bản trên PC, chắc chắn Bhajis Loops sẽ làm hài lòng các nhạc sĩ palmer khó tính nhất.


Sample editor

* Samples can be loaded from SamplePacks, .wav files stored on the memory card or sf2 SoundFonts.
* Sample editing functions: cut, copy, paste, trim, silence, undo.
* effects and transformations: loop cross-fade, gain, normalisation, distortion, reverse, downsampling, or any of the built-in effect plug-ins.
* Draw waveforms directly with the stylus!
* Built-in voice recorder (not available on Sony Clié devices).
* Sample size is only limited by the amount of free RAM.
* Modified samples can be saved as .wav files.

Synthesis section

* Your song can use up to 64 instruments.
* Wavetable synthesis.
* Low-pass / high-pass filter, cutoff and volume envelope.
* LFO controlling the pitch and the filter cutoff.
* Instrument layering / Keybaord mapping.
* Different voicing modes - mono, legato, polyphonic...
* Transposition.
* Support for micro-tuning (for traditional or historic intervals).

Pattern editor

* 8ppq resolution (32 steps per 4/4 bar) with shuffle.
* 3 editors: Piano-roll, Grid, and note parameters editor to set velocity, vibrato, pan values for each individual note.
* Complete editing: cut, copy, paste, merge, demix, undo.
* Pattern recorder for realtime or step-by-step recording of patterns, using an on-screen keyboard or the keys/buttons of your Palm.
* Pattern library to easily manage a collection of frequently used patterns across songs.
* Random note generator and humanization function.
* Scale feature to constraint the input/recorded notes in a given scale.
* Easy input of chords in standard notation (Bmin7, Asus4...)

Song editor

* 8 tracks on which patterns can be mixed - A pattern in itself can contain up to 64 instruments!
* Complete set of editing features with undo.
* 3 zoom levels.
* Looping, markers.
* MIDIfile import/export.
* Wav file rendering.

Mixing and effects

* Mixer with main fader, pan, effect send, mute / solo.
* 4 independent effect buses + one global send.
* Open plug-in architecture - new effects are added with each update, and you can even develop your own!
* (Ping-pong) delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, vocoder, pitch-shifting, distortion, EQ, and many more effects!
* XY pad: You can control two synthesis parameters in realtime with the position of your stylus or your finger on the touchscreen! Advanced tracking options to smooth or interpolate stylus moves.


* Volume, pan and most of the synthesis parameters (filter cutoff, resonance, envelope, LFO, effect send) can be automatized.
* Effect plug-ins parameters can be as well automatized.
* Intuitive vectorial editor taking advantage of the touchscreen and stylus.
* A complete range of editing features.
* Stylus movements in the XY pad can be recorded as automation tracks.

Live! mode

* Once you have composed your song, structure it by defining sections and bridges.
* Bhajis Loops Live! mode allows you to chain these sections in realtime, and jump between them.
* Exclusive Warp feature allowing complex transition rules like "If verse 1 is playing, and if the next requested section is verse 2, play verse 1 and then play verse 2 from its third bar". The accompaniment follows what you are playing, not the opposite!
* Mute buttons.
* Assignable controllers.
* Controllers can also be assigned to the hardware buttons / keys.

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