Softick Card Export - biến palm thành card reader


em xài t5, ko cần fải xài, các bác chọt thử cái này xem, hay đấy:

Using Softick Card Export II it's possible to access SD/MMC card inserted into Palm OS device as a logical disk on the Windows desktop.
Card Export II emulates USB Mass Storage device (like USB card reader, USB flash drives etc) and doesn't require any additional drivers on modern desktop systems.

With Card Export II you can transfer Palm OS applications, images, mp3 files to the card or just use the memory card as a floppy for any data.
After connecting card it accessible as another removable disk in Windows Explorer.

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heheh, tao bác ko xài t5 giống em, t5 của em có chức năng flash drive, xài như 1 usb drive lun!!!

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