>>TNT 1.0<< WM6.0 Based on 5.2.318 B15342


17 Tháng sáu 2007 lúc 14:34

Base Rom:

- Windows Mobile 6, OS 5.2.318 Build 15342.4.0.01
- ROM Version: WWE
- ROM Date: 08/11/06
(official rom by InGeNeTiCs))


- Office 2007
- Windows Live (latest build compressed and work)
- MMS (Working)
- HTC Audio Manager ( latest build 1.2.515.718)
- TCMP Player
- Real Player (Associated with rm, ram, and ra files. So direct supporting)
- PocketXpdf
- Battery Status (latest Build 1.04.202 beta3, and set to 247)
- File As (to select many contacts to beam, delete..etc)
- HTC GIF Animation
- HTC X Button 1.0 (more stable than 1.5)
- Notepad
- PIM Backup 1.9 (associated with all pim backup files)
- Pocket rar (associated)
- SIM Manager 6.13 (from HTC Touch rom)
- Smarts Key (set the volume button to do "PageDown"
- SMS Backup 1.1
- SMSDRFix (to view the caller name instead of the number)
- Start Clean
- Task Manager2.7 (include its reg program also associated with reg files)
- 8 Buttons Command Manager (Menus: Phone, Wireless, and bluetooth)
- 1-Calc Lite
- HTC Voice Recorder
- WM5torage (work)
- Camera 3.0
- mUn keyboard design
- Mobile Justice (antitheft program)
- there are two rings for Windows Live ("nudge" and "type1" copied from PC version)
- some of HTC Alerts


- IE Temp files to SD
- End button will not end GPRS connection
- Disable Error reporting
- Disable Security Warning
- Enable 802.11g
- Enable Sounds while calling (if you want to let the caller listen to a file)
- Disable start menu sounds (if you want it, its attached)
- Some Performance tweaks (exactly like Faria, thanks faria )
- Live Search set to Google
- EDGE icon and slide-out keyboard capsdot
- 400 kb added to MMS
- Lunar Calendar
- High Volume


Storage: 47.46 MB Total, 43.98 MB Free
Program: 49.70 MB Total, 28.79 MB Free


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