Tofclock Hima Wm6 Aku.0.7.0


10 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 08:52
Bản ROM WM6 mới cho dòng Himalaya đây, các bạn cùng test , mình không tải được Raip nên không biết nhưng thấy lạ AKU .0.7

CE OS 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0)

*Pic shown with AddOn Installed

I would like to dedicated all my Himalaya WM6 works to my dear friend TofClock, THE KING OF HIMALAYA, May Peace be with you my friend, Rest in peace... My deepest condolences to his family and friends... Tof, You will always be remembered In our heart...

I hope this 'True' and 'Working' Himalaya WM6 is good enough to be presented and publish with his name. If not, then Its 100% my fault, Tof got nothing to do with this and it fault if exist, absolutely my mistakes. If it good enough then thanks to Tof for the inspiration and Tof dream of Hima WM6.

This ROM are base on the original 00a.96WWE_XDA2_HIMALAYA, Its clean and basic style, like Tof use to make, but With RamDisk 32MB and PagePool 32MB configuration.

Thanks Part:
MAMAICH , Luv2chill, Anton Japutra for let me borrow his device, Buzz and rhMartin (for keep supportin), Pof, Bepe, itsme, Misar (Great man) for saving me hours of debuging crap by tellin cmonex way, thanks you guys both, very appreciate it.

and also utak3r, who figure out about battery issue, thanks man! very appreciate...

Supported Device:
O2 XDA II, T-Mobile MDA II, Qtek 2020, iMate Phone Edition, TSM500, And all PH10 Variant.

This is free to use but at your own risk, I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your phone by this upgrading procedure. No warranties of any kind are given. Any commercial usage prohibited.


Quick How to:
1. Put your device in Bootloader (Hold RECORD+POWER+ACTION+RESET)
2. Run TofClock_HIMA_WM6_AKU.0.7.exe then click install, Wait till finish.
3. Hard reset your pda.
4. Done.

Things Included & Not:
MS Office 2007
MS OneNote Mobile
True AKU.0.7.0 Bluetooth Drivers
NetworkWizard v1.0,29982.4
Sim Manager
WModem Removed
STK Removed
Remote Desktop Mobile

HTC Home With 6 Buttons
HTC Touch Smartdial & Dialpad
HTC Streaming Player (Modded from xplode)
HTC Audio Manager (from xplode)
HTC Network Plug-ins (from xplode)
M$ Live (from xplode)
Arcsoft MMS Client (Modded from xplode)
Voip (from xplode)

Removed Helps files CAB
Windows Live v10.6.0031.2600

The ROM:
here's the rom:

and here AddOn2:

hopes the rom good enough for naming it TofClock...and if so hopes all derived/moded rom will named/call Based On TofClock_HIMA_WM6_AKU.0.7 on it title so Tof name will live a bit more longer...

Questions? go to Himalaya Wiki:

Please note that this version is really the 'first' release of WM6 for Himalaya, so don't expect anything will be perfect!, You guys will make it much much better...and I might not be able to full support it, since I dont hv Himalaya device, I will help the best I can, you guys hv a lot good dev/people here, like utak3r, moeya, jiggs, illbasha, I'm sure they also will help support this new stuff...

Kitchen will be available soon!...



Thành viên mới đăng ký
10 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 09:01
Lại có cái để vọc tiếp roài :D, nhưng đợi mấy hôm nữa đã, vì mới up AKU .0.4.2, chạy cũng khá ổn,
4 Tháng mười một 2007 lúc 22:30
Em update từ WM2003 OK xong thì nó báo dung lượng Storage là 14M và bị chiếm gần hết luôn nên chạy cứ báo lỗi đầy storage.
Khi vào Exprore thì không thấy storage đâu để xóa file? Bác nào chỉ cho em với.
từ wm2003 up lên wm5 hay wm6 thì storage tăng lên từ 14mb->30mb,bạn search trong diễn đàn tìm cách hay hỏi các thành viên về cách làm.sau khi nâng storage lên thì sẽ có thêm 16mb trống ->hết lỗi đầy storage!:)

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