VA - Flamenco New Grooves 2005

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Album: VA - Flamenco New Grooves 2005

Tracklisting (all in one file):

01.Redefined Flamenco [Redefined Trip-Hop Mix] - 3:21 (G-Spliff)
02.La Giralda - 4:15 (Downbeat Corp.)
03.Andalusi Mood [el Barrio Mix] - 4:29 (Chali, Oman)
04.Buleria del Alba - 3:56 (Rider, Klub)
05.Patio de los Naranjos [7" Edit] - 1:43 (Acoustic System)
06.Espiritu Gitano [Spiritualy Remixed] - 4:16 (Emilio / G-Spliff)
07.Regreso a Cadiz - 4:05 (Mediterranean Soul)
08.Deep Fandangos - 3:35 (Urban Aires)
09.Malaga [Intelligent Dance Flamenco Mix] - 3:44 (I.D.F.)
10.Taifa de Sevilla - 3:20 (Sound Foundation)
11.Almeria - 3:20 (Gypsonic)
12.Sangre Andaluza [Bloody Remix] - 1:40 (Tripssono)

Download link:

Password: elcangrejo


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Thêm ít Guitar cho các bác:

Jimmy Bruno - Solo


01. Have You Met Miss Jones?
02. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
03. Joy Spring
04. Satin Doll
05. Darn That Dream
06. Just Friends
07. Misty
08. I'm in the Mood for Love
09. The Toffelmire Band
10. Benny's Tune
11. Stella by Starlight
12. Night and Day
13. Giant Steps


Joe Pass - Guitar Virtuoso (Cd 1)


1. Cheek To Cheek
2. Blues For Fred / They All Laughed
3. Night And Day
4. Here's That Rainy Day
5. Have You Met Miss Jones?
6. Passanova
7. Sultry
8. Indian Summer
9. Lush Life
10. Weaselocity
11. Giant Steps
12. Misty
13. Blues For Basie
14. Star Eyes
15. Blues For Angel
16. Song For Ellen
17. How Deep Is The Ocean?


Joe Satriani - Satriani Live! (2006) 2CD

Joe Satriani - Satriani Live! (2006) 2CD

No stranger to live recordings, both with his G3 tours and his solo concerts, hard-rock guitar hero Joe Satriani sets this two-disc collection of performances apart from its predecessors by drawing heavily from 2006's "Super Colossal" CD. In addition to the stomping title track of that album and the melancholy "Made of Tears," on Satriani Live! the guitarist runs through deft, wire-tight versions of classics from his extensive back catalogue, including the blistering "Surfing with the Alien" and the soaring "Summer Song." Satriani is joined on stage by Galen Henson (guitar), Dave LaRue (bass guitar) and Jeff Campitelli (drums). The show was captured at The Grove in Anaheim, California on May 3rd, 2006. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock), total running time, 2 hr+
Todos los creditos para nuestro amigo thame2010

Disc One1.
1.Flying In A Blue Dream
2. The Extremist
3. Redshift Riders
4. Cool #9
5. A Cool New Way
6. Satch Boogie
7. Super Colossal
8. Just Like Lightnin'
9. Ice 9
10. One Robot's Dream

Disc Two
1. Ten Words
2. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
3. The Meaning of Love
4. Made of Tears
5. Circles
6. Always With Me, Always With You
7. Surfing With The Alien
8. Crowd Chant
9. Summer Song



Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez

Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez
Interprete - Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero es uno de los mas destacados guitarristas clasicos y tambien del flamenco, aqui interpreta una de las obras mas bellas y tecnicamente una de las mas complejas del repertorio de la guitarra clasica. La obra fue compuesta por el gran maestro Joaquin Rodrigo (1901 - 1999) quien nos dejo un gran legado de grandes obras, destacando sus composiciones para guitarra.

01.Allegro con Spirito


03.Allegro Gentile

Link :


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Jeffology - A Guitar Chronicle (TRIBUTO JEFF BECK)

Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle is a tribute to Jeff Beck, one of the greatest blues/rock guitar players in rock history, and features Gregg Bissonette, Bruce Bouillet, Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, Warren DeMartini, Tony Franklin, Paul Gilbert, Jake E. Lee, Steve Lukather, George Lynch, Mick Mars and more! Only five of the eleven songs are instrumental ("Led Boots" with Campbell, "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" with Collen, "Head For Backstage Pass" with Bouillet, "Rice Pudding" with Lee, and "Behind The Veil" with Lukather), a bit odd since Beck was more noted for his instrumentals, and didn't sing himself for the most part. However a fine collection of tracks in honor of the legendary, influential English guitarist. Fusion, total running time, 50:54


05:35 Warren DeMartini "New Ways Train Train"
04:02 Vivian Campbell "Led Boots"
02:49 Paul Gilbert "Heart Full Of Soul"
06:04 Phil Collen "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"
05:22 Walter Trout "Blues Deluxe"
05:11 Bruce Bouillet "Head For Backstage Pass"
03:11 George Lynch "People Get Ready"
06:15 Jake E. Lee "Rice Pudding"
04:14 Stevie Salas "Shapes Of Things"
04:31 Steve Lukather "Behind The Wall"
03:36 Mick Mars "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago"


Joey Tafolla - Infra-Blue

Infra-Blue is an inspired collection of instrumentals which reveals guitarist Joey Tafolla?s
musical metamorphosis from neoclassical ripper (as displayed on his astounding debut "Out Of
The Sun") to hard rock shredder. Tafolla even touches the blues and some musical territory
similar to that of Michael Lee Firkins (check out "Mississippi Mud"). You'll find dozens of
riffs rich in awesome technique, and even nods towards his neoclassical roots. Deen
Castronovo provides the expected powerhouse drumming while John Onder handles the low end. Infra-Blue -- blues/rock boogies and catchy, memorable riffs make this a new musical
statement. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Shred)


03:18 Infra-Blue
04:50 Six-String Souffle
00:48 Wrecking Ball
04:26 Mississippi Mud
05:01 Kraken-Z-Vip
01:37 B.M.W.
03:45 V Jam #5
03:38 Violation
04:20 A Place In The Sun
05:37 Crankenstien
01:33 Romans 10:9 And 10


Jaye Foucher - Contagious Grooves

Following up her successful 1997 release "Infectious Licks", guitarist Jaye Foucher is back with an all-instrumental collection of communicable and lethal hooks entitled Contagious Grooves. Sporting eight brand new songs and two re-recorded crowd favorites (1989's "Hippo Groove" and 1995's "The Untamed") the music features Foucher's 'right in your face' guitar sound, the low end throb of bassist John Vittori and the pounding pulse of drummer Matt Scurfield (of Event). Tracks such as "What Comes Around", "Angst" and "Up Up & Insane" offer up crunchy, choked-string rhythms, forceful riffage and a good deal of agile solo work. Foucher is back with a vengence on Contagious Grooves - a scorching combination of talent and attitude. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Progressive)


05:35 What Comes Around
03:57 Angst
04:22 Zombieland
05:16 Surreality
03:27 Beginnings
03:48 Up Up & Insane
04:26 My Own Abyss
05:54 Transition
04:30 The Untamed
03:25 Hippo Groove


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