Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide 2007


15 Tháng ba 2007 lúc 11:14

Format: chm
Pages: 856

Release: Feb 2007

Size: 14.5 MB

Whether you're a beginner, power user, or seasoned professional, Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide has everything you need to customize the operating system, master your digital media, manage your data, and maintain your computer -- regardless of which Windows Vista edition you're using.

Why this book and not some other resource? Bestselling author and Windows expert William Stanek doesn't just teach you the steps you need to follow, he also tells you how features work, why they work, and how you can customize them to meet your needs. You'll learn how to squeeze out every last bit of power out of Windows Vista, and how to make the most out of its features and programs, including how to:

Set up, customize and tune Windows Vista Optimize its appearance and performance; install, configure and maintain software; customize your hardware; and install printers, scanners and faxes

* Manage your files Search your computer more efficiently; secure your files and data; share and collaborate; and get the most out of accessories such as the Mobility Center

* Master your digital media Create media libraries with Media Player; manage digital pictures and videos with Photo Gallery; make DVDs with DVD Maker; and create movies with Movie Maker

* Get connected and start networking Set up a home or small-office network; learn to use Windows Mail, Calendar, and Meeting Space; conquer Internet Explorer 7; and master on-the-go networking

* Protect your computer Keep your family safe while on the Internet; set up parental controls and content ratings; navigate the computer security maze; configure Windows Vista's security features

* Manage and support Windows Vista systems Deal with user accounts, disks and drives; handle routine maintenance and troubleshooting; and resolve advanced support and recovery issues

* Learn advanced tips & techniques Manage the Windows boot environment, explore Group Policy, discover keyboard shortcuts, and much more


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