[Wizard 2006 ROM] XDA Mobile 6 Release 3


22 Tháng tám 2007 lúc 13:59
Base ROM
* Windows Mobile 6, OS 5.2.318 Build 15342.4.0.01
* ROM Version: WWE
* ROM Date: 08/11/06
* Protocol:

XDA Mobile 6 Release 3 :

* Internet Sharing via BlueTooth DUN (like WM5) is back and available! WM6 Internet Sharing is still there, the BT DUN is in addition to that!
* Office 2007
* 9 Button "Touch" Style CommManager from the Kaiser
* VoIP (See next post for instructions to set this up)
* Arcsoft Composer with SMS and MMS split apart
* pBar 1.4 (replaces HTC X-Button)
* Notepad editor
* Pocket RAR
* SIP Config 2.0.1
* SK tsync (replaces SynchroTime in XM6r2a)
* Total Commander Beta 2.5 Beta 3
* PIM Backup to 2.5
* Esmertec Java Manager (replacing Intent Midlent Manager)
* Oxios Memory
* PHM Alt-Tab (mapped to Button 5 by default)
* Windows Live Search searches via Google
* WM5torage 1.75
* SIM Manager 6.13
* dotFred TaskManager (with registry editor link setup and associations built in for .reg files)
* Regional Settings default to English (United States) and use a slash for the date seperator (M/dd/yyyy)
* Menu sounds work by default
* Pressing the "End Call" button does not disconnect GPRS but minimized the active application. Pressing and holding the "End Call" button for about 5 seconds will do a GPRS Disconnect
* Internet access over ActiveSync (USB) connection works (You must apply a registry fix on your PC first. See the next post for the fix)
* Upgraded .NET compact to 2.0 SP2
* delayedexec.exe is in \Windows but is not configured. See this post for details on using this.

The Full Release also contains the following

* PocketCM 0.9 a finger friendly contact manager
* Schap's Advanced Configuration Tool and VoIP Setup Tool
* WinXplore 0.3.2
* Mortscript 4.0
* mUn designed onscreen Keyboard skin (grey/green one)
* Mobile Justice (a security app that will send an SMS if an unauthorized SIM is placed in your phone)
* TodayAgenda Beta 1.0
* ClearTemp replaces StartClean
* Pocket Screen Capture
* HTC Audio Manager
* CicleBT (Toggle BlueTooth on and off)
* 1-Calc Lite
* PeekPocket 1.2 replaces WiFiFoFum
* MoDaCo NoData (so you can turn off data sources)
* Smartskey 0.56 (DPAD is set to 0 in the .ini so the up and down scrolling works in the Phone dialer as expected in WM6)
* DotFred's SoftKeyAppletEx
* WM5NewMenu


XM6r3 Full Version
Size 54012 KB

XM6r3 Lite Version
Size 54012 KB

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