WM2005 AKU3.5 RAMDisk-40MB Pagepool size-24MB for Himalaya


WM2005 AKU3.5 RAMDisk-40MB Pagepool size-24MB for Himalaya

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ROM: 3.50a.40CS
dated: 17.12.2006
OS 5.1.195 (Build 15698.3.5.0)

WM5 ROM cooked using AKU3.5 and bepe's kitchen technique is here for cherished improved speed. It uses 24MB of pagepool and the RAMDisk is slightly reduced to 40MB. I am very happy with the speed of this ROM. With this the memory structure becomes as follows:--
Storage 30.53MB
Program 61.26MB
RAMDisk 39.96MB
The ROM has following features:--

More Improved caching.
Call history icon
ClearType Enabled
Contact backup
Error Reporting Removed
ArcSoft MMS
Blue_White KB Skin
PDF reader
Microsoft Powerpoint
Dial PAD as input option
Neo tiles as game
Rubik cube as game
Fast cleanup
Flight Mode
O2 profiler
O2 last Call plugin
O2 Battery/Operator plugin
rLCalendar by vijay555
Photo Dialler
SMS backup
Speed Dial (ETEN)
SmartDialing removed as it is not functioning with AKU3.5
SoftKeyAppletEx included in Personnal setting
GBSoftTweak included in System setting
SmsAlertFix included
ScreenRotateFix included with trayicon
BT suspend fix included
Persistent Save Icon is here but desactivated
Hardware Buttons fix included
Select All contacts and delete selected (More than one) contacts in the option menu in Contacts Contact manager by Dotfredoption menu in Contacts
WM5 newMenu
WM5 Storage 1.7
Task MAnager 2.6
TCPMP media player
Tray launcher

A big big thanks to :
- Mamaich for the tools that permit me to make this rom !!
- DotFred for the buttons fix!! aand Task MAnager 2.6
- All users that help me and support me in this work !!
- Vijay555
- Bepe
Salient Features
1. The button lock is now working
2. The SMS font size reduced and background removed
3. MSN and messenger is removed
4. Keyboard skin changed
5. Default theme changed
6. Bigger digits on the dialler pad

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