WM2006 AKU7.0 RAMDisk-40MB Pagepool size-24MB for Himalaya


30 Tháng chín 2007 lúc 09:22
Bản ROM WM6 mới nhất cho Himalaya

WM6 ROM cooked using AKU7.0 is finally out for testing. It uses 24MB of pagepool and the RAMDisk is 40MB. You would like the speed of this ROM. With this the memory structure becomes as follows:--

Storage 30.53MB
Program 61.26MB
RAMDisk 39.96MB

ROM: 7.0a.40CS (WM6 AKU 7.0)
dated: 13.Sep.2007
OS 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0)

* Soft-reset persistent
* Hard-reset persistent
Persistent Storage
Removed certification and security prompt on install.
New look and new icons
More Improved caching.
BT suspend fix included
Blue_White KB Skin
ClearType Enabled
Crystal blue Keyboard
Error Reporting Removed
Fast cleanup
Internet sharing App
MSN messenger
Network Wizard(HTC) for MMS/GPRS settings
PhonePad as input
O2 profiler
PPCPIMBkUp 2.50 by Dotfred
SoftKeyAppletEx included in Personnal setting
SpeedDial (ETEN)
WM5 newMenu
WM5 Storage 1.73
Tray launcher
Provided Radio 1.17 as addtional file (Optional) as I find it better than ver1.19
After packing in the NETCF2 SP2 very little space left in the ROM. Still tried to pack as much as I can.

A big big thanks to :

- Buzz_lightyear for the auto-instal tools
- DotFred the great for PPCPIMBkUp2.5
- mwang for the guidance
- Bepe for the kitchen tools
- Vijay555 for the VJDialer and VJSpeedDialer utilities
- xdajojo2 for all help and guidance

->Download 7.0a.40CS from here<-


from /Uploads/Himalaya/Himalaya WM6 ROM of FTP section of http://www.wm-gurus.com.

Supported Device:
O2 XDA II, T-Mobile MDA II, Qtek 2020, iMate Phone Edition, TSM500, And all PH10 Variant.
1 Tháng mười 2007 lúc 13:34
Bản ROM WM6 mới nhất cho Himalaya
Thấy người ta xênh xang với ROM này ROM nọ mà tủi thân cho BA!!!
4 Tháng mười 2007 lúc 01:03

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