ZiPhone 2.0 !!! (game over!)

14 Tháng hai 2008 lúc 09:40
Theo tin từ blog thì có lẽ đây là bản cuối cùng của ZiPhone

ZiPhone v2.0 is finally OUT.
In the command line version, you will find a new
option "-b" be very careful with that!
I take no responsability if you brick your phone!
ZiPhone -b will downgrade bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9,
flash 4.03.13_G baseband version and
unlock it (in one shot!).
It worked for me on 2 ootb 1.1.2 phones.
It will work on 1.1.3 ootb phones too.
Other options are unchanged.
Do not forget to donate!
The future of ZiPhone will depend on you also !
If you can't code, or contribute in other ways,
just donate.
I think we won't need another version till the next firmware release :)
Peace out.
(To quote my favourite blogger)

For people who get stuck on apple logo.
Try to use: ZiPhone -v -b
That solved the problem for many people.

Download với link

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